How we got our paws into the market?

You will only find Supreme Pet at a few selected stores all over South Africa and Neighbouring Countries. We only use proper ingredients and a consuming manufacturing process that’s slow and time consuming without any compromises. This is a pet food that you can feed your pet with peace of mind, and it’s also kind to your pocket.

Rest assured, that you will feed your pet exceptional nutrition that you may think you’re dreaming about your dog’s beautiful, shiny, vibrant coat and wet kissing nose! But wait… you’re awake and this is real! You will soon notice a difference in your dog’s health, personality and over all condition. No more taking him for a walk, he is taking you for a walk. We take our love for pets very seriously and have a policy of no harm, no compromise and ultimate healthy pet nutrition.

We did market research and found a huge opportunity (no, not an open gate!). We found that the dog food market was divided into three different sectors.

Mainstream Food

(Low Cost)

Mainstream Food

(Medium priced maintenance diets)

Premium & Super Premium Food

(High Cost veterinary specialty nutrition)


Now! What if we could manufacture premium pet food at a price of medium cost food?

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was born!

Luxury Affordable Pet Food.

The reasons for buying supreme pet

A diet specifically formulated for all breeds, shapes & sizes – thin, round and even in between. It contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and healthy oils for a shiny and healthy coat. Meets and exceeds AFFCO & SA nutritional guidelines. It’s made with love and care to ensure quality and an unbelievable taste.

Our Policy of commitment

We believe that every pet that consumes our products is part of a human family and is therefore loved as a family member.

we at the house of supreme pet pride ourselves in delivering supremely made products at affordable prices.We use only the highest quality ingredients in a hygienic environment and have a team of trained employees who pride themselves in the quality of their product

We commit ourselves to make premium pet nutrition accessible to ALL South African Pet owners, not just a select few.

Determining the quality of dog food.

Sources & availability are the key factors. Anyone that believes dog foods are alike just doesn’t know the facts. Consumers don’t always get what they pay for. It all depends on the quality of ingredients, nutritional punch and formula.

It is about how much energy the food provides. Research suggests that it costs less to feed a premium food with high absorption than economy brands.

You can estimate absorption by the amount faeces in the yard. A dog can live longer when fed a nutritionally balanced diet.

Why? Because feeding portions of premium foods are much less than economy brands. Premium foods contain more energy, protein and nutritional power per kibble.

Our accreditations and affiliations.

Our dog food meets and exceeds AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) and South African Nutritional guidelines.  We are also members of PFI (Pet Food Industry Association Of Southern Africa) and have received a Gold Medal Award form the world of dogs and cats exhibition.

PFI Mission Statement

As a PFI Member we commit to promoting a quality orientated pet food industry in southern africa, which is recognised by consumers as having the nutritional well-being of household pets as its prime concern.

gold medal